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Beginner Lessons

Discovery Session 105 €

Ground Control : 3 Heures ( Beach)

Water Discovery courses 210 €

Ground Control : 3 H ( Beach ) + Water Time 3 H ( Water )

initiation course 315 €

Ground Control : 3 H ( Beach ) + Water Time 3 H ( Beach )+ Water Start 3 H ( Beach)

Autonomy Program 525 €

Ground Control : 3 H ( Beach )+ Water Time 3 H ( Water ) + Water Time 3 H ( Water )+ Water Start 3 H ( Water )+ Board Rider 3 H (Water)

Our CBCM Lesson Program breaks this syllabus down into 5 sessions of 3 H segments, to achieve autonomy with a max student/coach ratio of 4/1.

1 H 35 € – 4 Rider/ 1 Coach



Ground Control : 105 € – 3 H

Ground Control is our most fundamental building block for increased learning at any level.This on-land class covers rigging, tuning, line management, flying techniques, kiter safety and rider responsibility.


Weather analysis and selection of the spot
Presentation and installation of equipment
Specific Warm
Theory of flight of the kite
Security system
Rigging of the kite
Take Off / Landing / Traction Discovery

FFVL-Spot FFVL-Fenetre-de-Vol



Water Time – 210 € – 6 H ( 2 sessions / 3H )

Time to hit the water! Water Time is for students who have successfully completed our Ground Control class or equivalent. This 6 hours class covers relaunching the kite from the water, body drags, water starts onto the board, basic riding and self-rescue.

Driving on the beach and in the water
Take off / Landing
Driving / Traction Discover
Moving on the beach and in the water
360º rotation under the kite
Swim towed on full window « Body Drag »
Displacement movement Right / Left
Power / Depower / Quick release
Take off water
Body position in the water

Recovery of the board / Water start
Navigation basique et Self-recue. / Basic navigation and Self-recue.


All Water Time is accompanied by a coach on a safety boat to allow coaching « open water », a technique pioneered by CBCM. No matter how far or fast you ride, you’re never on your own with nothing new to learn. Your coach is by your side with the next new technique. « Open water » allows months of learning in just one lesson!

WH 2014jpg


Water Start – 105 € – 3 H

Do you need more Water Time ? This lesson builds on and perfects your ability to rig, self-launch, self-land, self rescue and waterstart on your board. Extending your rides is also a main focus of the Water start.Water start is the ultimate confidence booster for those just hitting the water.

Body Drag displacement movement Right / Left
Recovery of the board / Water start
Water start kite mouvement
Kite take off from water
Self rescue
Water Start training

Open Water coaching kitesurf jpg


Board rider – 105 € – 3 Hours

The use of safety boat allows us to teach you how to get up on the board and log valuable miles before you try or perfect it with a kite. Board Rider keeps your learning curve vertical when your wind is light. Maximize your board skills with Board Rider!!

Correct your position of navigation
Water Start training
trajectory / edging the board
first edge

Kite beach training

Gear Tech – 70 € – 2 H

Gear tech est une formation spécialisé dans le matériel de kite :

Rigging and flying kites everyday helps you learn faster. Gear tech allows you to rig, fly, tune and understand all of the new kites and bars on the market while perfecting your kite flying and control skills. This is a great way to see what kites are the right kites for you.

The flight mechanism of the kite,
Know the different types of C-shape wings, Bow kite, Delta C-shape.
Know if the kite is fast, handy, easy to take off
Testing of safety systems.
Gear Tech is trained to help you pick your own equipment or make the setting hand your new acquisition



Private Coach – 150 € / 1 Heure – 1 Riders / 1 Coach

Semi-Private Coach – 100 € / 1 Heure – 2 Riders / 1 Coach

Learn with the CBCM Private Coach of your choice. CBCM Coaches come equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience, all kiteboarding equipment, and their own personal watercraft. When you are looking for the ultimate learning experience, choose CBCM Boarder Club and a Private CBCM Coach!

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