Intermediate Lessons

WH 2014jpg
Getting Litt – 105 € – 3 Hours

Getting Litt concerne votre stance: This class will improve your riding stance and your ability to ride further and longer. Topics covered include; edging, riding both directions, riding in under and over powered conditions. All of these help you to develop a natural stance!

Taking trajectory
Rider in 2 directions
Rider with little power “Under Power”
Rider overpowered “Over Power”
All types of water, waves passage
To help you develop a natural position and personalized navigation

Turn and Burn – 70 € – 2 Hours

Turn and Burn est une Formation dédier aux virages et transition :

This class covers riding toeside, transitions and carving turns. We’ll start from the most basic change of direction and progress
Navigation on toe side,
Control of the board in the transitions
sliding in 180º
Jibe Heelside / Toeside
Power Turn
control of your transitions with speed

7.5 WH bar 3.o

Life of a Kiter – 70 € – 2 Hours

Une formation pour répondre a toutes vos question de kitesurf :

Answer all the questions that will make you a well rounded, self-sufficient kiter. Rigging, tuning, kite maintenance and repair, beach and water etiquette, self-launching and landing, and all the latest tech, using both our and your own kiteboarding equipment.

Rigging the kite lines
Tuning / Setting your kite
Kite maintenance and repair (Bladers, Kites)
Kite attitude on the beach and in the water
Self -Décollage / Landing in all situations
And all the latest technology used by Pro Kitesurfer

Private Coach – 150 € / 1 Hour – 1 Rider/Coach


Private Instruction with a CBCM Professional Coach is the best way to progress your kiteboarding skills at any ability level beginner thru advanced. CBCM Private Lessons include a CBCM Coach, watercraft and all kiteboarding equipment for maximum time on the water. CBCM Private Lessons are booked in 2 hours blocks at daily

Semi-Private Coach – 100 € / 1 Hours- 2 Riders / 1 Coach

CBCM Semi-Private Lessons are a great way to match like ability riders with a CBCM coach and watercraft for maximum progression at any level beginner thru advanced. CBCM Semi Private Lessons are booked in 2 hours blocks at daily.

Carve Learn how to ride switch,

Toeside and carve turns behind a CBCM watercraft. Carve will help you become confident in riding your board and turning in both directions. These boardskills transfer directly to the kite and will keep your learning curve steep on lighter days!


Downwinder will teach you how to get from point A to point B on your own. Becoming self-sufficient is the key to becoming a dedicated kiteboarder. Downwinder teaches you the skills required to take your first sessions completely on your own!

The Holy Grail

Learn the proper stance, equipment and attitude to finish your session back where you started. A CBCM coach will guide you through the proper steps to find the Holy Grail of kiteboarding; STAYING UPWIND!!!

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